Katie Carillo is a desert based artist dreaming of the ocean. She graduated from the University of New Mexico in May 2012 with a BA in Art Studio and BS in Biology. She currently works in fine art, illustration and graphic design.

Artist Statement:

I am driven to show my wonder and appreciation for the complications and intricacies in the interactions of life: the beneficial, the detrimental, and everything between. The diversity of this planet should be celebrated. It is mind boggling, beautiful, and vital to our own survival.   Humans are able to experience processes surrounding us through much broader and more minuscule scopes than our natural senses allow. To better comprehend Earth’s diversity, we view the world in different scales by use of scientific tools (for example: microscopic and satellite imagery). This gives us a combined perspective; multiple lenses through which to survey ecosystems, other organisms, and ourselves.

Our actions affect life on all scales – the ramifications are ours for the viewing. Every day more wild systems are interacting with artificial components seeping into the global ecosystem and doing their best to adapt, incorporate, and survive. A complicated web of cause and effect can be studied here.

There must be an awareness of complexity and connectivity to truly understand, respect, and preserve our world.